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gboolean gw_obex_get_fd ( GwObex ctx,
gint  fd,
const gchar *  remote,
const gchar *  type,
gint *  error 

Get a file from the remote device and write it to a file descriptor

ctx Pointer returned by gw_obex_setup()
fd File descriptor to write the file into
remote Remote filename (null terminated UTF-8)
type MIME-type of the object
error Place to store error code on failure (NULL if not interested)
TRUE on success, FALSE on failure

Definition at line 54 of file gw-obex.c.

References gw_obex_get().

    gboolean ret;
    CHECK_DISCONNECT(FALSE, error, ctx);
    ret = gw_obex_get(ctx, NULL, remote, type, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL, fd, FALSE);
    if (ret == FALSE)
        gw_obex_get_error(ctx, error);
    return ret;

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