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gboolean gw_obex_get_buf_with_apparam ( GwObex ctx,
const gchar *  remote,
const gchar *  type,
const guint8 *  apparam,
gint  apparam_size,
gchar **  buf,
gint *  buf_size,
gint *  error 

Get an object from the remote device and store it in a memory buffer. Either remote filename or type must be supplied (or both).

ctx Pointer returned by gw_obex_setup()
remote Remote filename (null terminated UTF-8)
type MIME-type of the object
apparam Application parameters of the object
apparam_size Application parameters size
buf Buffer to store the object in. g_free() when not needed anymore.
buf_size Place to store length of fetched object
error Place to store error code on failure (NULL if not interested)
TRUE on success, FALSE on failure

Definition at line 132 of file gw-obex.c.

References gw_obex_get().

    gboolean ret;
    CHECK_DISCONNECT(FALSE, error, ctx);
    ret = gw_obex_get(ctx, NULL, remote, type, apparam, apparam_size, buf, buf_size, -1, FALSE);
    if (ret == FALSE)
        gw_obex_get_error(ctx, error);
    return ret;

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